Report An Issue

Your lease requires you to report any issues as soon as you are aware of them.  Please refer to your lease to see which maintenance issues are your responsibility to fix and which are our responsibility.  For commercial properties, Bertoch Leasing is responsible for structural repairs, the outside of the building, and the roof.  For residential leases we are responsible for general maintenance and repairs of the premise and appliances.


Remodeling, Updating, Painting

Any changes to a property must receive prior written approval by Bertoch Leasing before they can begin.  Tenants are responsible for these costs, and must maintain the building in good repair.  Tenants must make arrangements with contractors to pay for any work done, and must inform contractors that they are not authorized to enter a property into a lien.


To Report An Issue

For service or to report an issue please contact the property manager using the phone number posted on the rental payment box.